Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Community Voices: The Farmer's Daughter

The first installment of the idintify blog's "Community Voices" features Mike Mayo and Ann Keener, a young couple in Chattanooga, TN who have been working on their own personal mission within the region's sustainable food movement for the last five years. This summer they're opening The Farmer's Daughter on the corner of Hixson Pike and Dartmouth Street as a forum for local farmers, artisans and food suppliers—including Copacetic Coffee from Velo Roaster's Andrew Gage. 

To highlight them, I produced my very first audio documentary and submitted it to the Third Coast International 2013 ShortDocs Challenge (which specified a theme of "Appetite.") The requirements included that I present the project in three "courses." Inspired by a recent article on Slate, I took our hour-and-a-half interview, waited until the very last minute and threw it all together between 8pm and midnight on the day of the deadline. I plan on releasing an extended version of the documentary to coordinate with their opening week, but for now, enjoy the short version!

"Community Voices" is a regular column brought to you by the idintify blog that aims to amplify the voices of true visionaries in the community.

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Post Script
When you see your comfort zone as your worst enemy, only then are you free to walk out the door and recognize your community as your shelter.

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